Our Core Values

Always Do What’s Right

WayPath Financial has a steadfast moral compass and we use it in every decision we make. You can trust that we will provide you with guidance that you need, not the guidance that we “want” you to need.

Commit to Growth

We are always committed to growth for ourselves, for our business, but most of all, for our clients. Our clients setting big goals, then reaching them, is why we do what we do and that motivates us to constantly transform ourselves and develop new ways to serve you.

Customized Solutions

As our company mission states, WayPath Financial will meet you wherever you are on your journey. You and your dreams are unique, so your financial plan should be too.

Be Consistent

We commit to providing you with dependable communication, turnaround time, and deliverables, no matter what challenges may arise during your financial planning process.

Proud and Passionate

We love what we do, and we know we’re good at it. Without pride and passion, financial planning can get pretty boring! But because we are excited about helping you create your future and confident that we can do it better than anyone else, we’re able to make it fun too.

Living Our Best Lives

The WayPath Financial team is committed to living our best lives so that you can too! For some of us this means traveling the world, for others it simply means more quality time outside with family. Our goal is that every team member and client lives their best lives every single day.